About Us

Holy City Public School has become a center for excellence in the field of education within a short span of its existence.The School has attained the status of a full fledged school within nine year and aims at the holistic development of children.

The School prepares the students to meet the challenges of life and moulds them into civilized and better citizens.We help the students to identify their talents and develop it to the optimum.

Holy City Public School is a co-educational institution which aims,through moral and academic excellence,to produce promoters of social transformation imbued with the spirit of service to mankind.

From Principal's Desk

The Success of our school is due in large part to the immeasurable contributions made by our parent and all the well wishers of Nanded city.

We are a comprehensive ,Co-educational school,offering an environment that reflects our socity and better prepares students for their future lives.

"Whatever we have achieved may be trifling but encouraging, Whatever we plan to attain will be stunning and outstanding."

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